Pricing & Packages -


Pricing varies on the necessary research for the project pitched. Feel free to contact me to ensure that we can select the correct package for you.

Package 1: One Guest Blog Post –

I’m the owner of a style and mom blog, A Pop of Life. As a stay at home mom, army wife, and entrepreneur, I’m able to offer my expertise from personal experiences.

Do you want to collaborate on a post together? Would you like me to guest post on your blog?

This package would be ideal.

Package Includes:

One Guest Blog Post

Cross promotion on my blog and social media channels (TBD)

Package 2: One Business Blog Post-

This is a piece for a company’s blog. I’d recommend this for any company that has added a blog to their online site to increase brand presence.

Think about the following when requesting a package:

What is the tone of your article? Ex. informal vs. formal

Who is your target audience?

How will you be promoting the blog post?

Available Word Counts: 500, 800, 1000…

If you need a larger word count, please contact me to discuss this further.

Package 3: Copywriting for Ads-

Are you launching a new ad campaign for your company? This would be the ideal package.

Examples include: writing for a physical poster, digital ad, or even something as small as a motto.

As there are many materials that fall under advertising, your project will need to be discussed  further to determine further details of your package.

Package 4: Website Launch Copywriting

Launching a new website can be exciting. It’s the start of brand’s online presence.

But, you need copywriting for your bio, homepage, contact page, and more.

This package will take care of all of the above.

For this package, think about the amount of copywriting necessary, length of each piece, and your ideal launch date.

I could go on and on with the variety of packages available.

This was just an idea of the standard packages that are offered.

If you need to create a personalized package, let’s talk!


I look forward to working with you soon!